The reliable brand! LR TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE Exchangeable knives and knife holders Your benefit: In case of damages, a quick and trouble-free exchange of the knives and knife holders is possible. Your gain: You save money and time. Innovative knife geometry and knife attachment Your benefit: Our innovative knife geometry enables a „pullthrough cut“ and therefore a more efficient shredding process – even for wet wood. Positive fit of the knives and knife holders Your gain: You save energy and thus money. Powerful swing pusher (only LR700, LR1000/1400) Your benefit: By pulling the pusher on both sides with the help of two hydraulic cylinders, a jamming of the pusher is prevented. A pusher guide is not required (no wear parts). Your gain: You can increase the uptime and therefore the productivity of your shredder. Tried and tested cutting system (only LR700, LR1000/1400) Your benefit: Due to the use of a main and auxiliary cutter bar, the pre-shredded material is stripped off and a rotating motion of the material around the rotor is prevented. Your gain: You achieve a higher throughput, produce a homogeneous granulate and thereby enhance the productivity of your shredder. 3-Y no- EARS war worrie ran s ty!* *) Or 2,000 h, whichever value occurs first UNTHA shredding technology Kellau 141, A-5431 Kuchl / Salzburg, Austria Tel +43 6244 7016 0, Fax +43 6244 7016 1,