The reliable brand! rS 4-shaft shredding system RS50, RS60, RS100 Fe Cu Al Mg Fe Cu Al Fe Mg Cu Al Mg Fe Cu Al Mg Fe Cu Al Fe Mg Cu Al Mg

rS SERIES Technical Data RS50 RS60 RS100 Power kW 44/50/60 60/74 100/110/150 Cutting chamber (S) mm 750/960/1.230 x 700 960/1.200/1.440 x 860 1.200/1.500 x 1.020 4 4 4 No. of cutting shafts Speed main shafts U/min 21 - 29 17 - 21 17 - 28 Speed secondary shafts U/min 32 - 43 21 - 25 17 - 28 mm 15 - 40 15 - 100 30 - 100 Direct drive no no no Belt drive yes yes yes 2.600 - 3.200 4.000 - 5.300 9.000 - 12.000 Perforated screen Ø Weight kg All dimensions in mm. RS50/RS60*/RS100** 40 years of expertise. More than 9,000 shredders in daily operation! 1050+S/1250*+S/1600**+S 890/920* 1420/1520* 480/520*/700** S 1040/1340*/1520**

FUNCTION AND DESIGN After the material to be shredded has been drawn into the main cutters 1 , it is both pre-shredded and re-shredded in a THE HIGHEST RELIABILITY FOR THE TOUGHEST APPLICATIONS single pass. Material that does not fall through the screen 2 is transferred to the secondary cutters 3 and moved back up and fed back into the cutting chamber for re-shredding. The screen determines the size of the final fraction. The refined RS shredder models have stood the test of time and the toughest applications. With their great reliability and their ability to handle unshreddable items without problems, they excel in wide range of applications. Speed, torque, cutting chamber, cutting systems, perforated screens and sealing variants – all these features can be indivi- 3 dually configured to create customised machines that perfectly meet your demands. Their rugged design and powerful, hard-wearing cutting systems make them the perfect equipment for multi-shift continuous operation. 2 1 TYPICAL APPLICATIONS For more information please refer to the “Individual Shredding Solutions” ble brand! The relia brochure. • Aluminium profiles • Electric cookers • Cement asbestos boards • Spring mattresses • Plastic film • Dishwashers • Gypsum boards • Green waste • Rubber waste • • Dashboards Domestic waste • • Interior auto trim • Bank notes Cardboard packaging • • Batteries Cardboard tubes • • Organic waste Plastic packaging • • Cans • Electronic scrap Plastic drums • Refrige- rators • Metals • Medical waste • Metal chips • Metal drums • Rubbish bins • Oil filters • Paper • Paper rejects • Plastic bottles 1 elle individu en slösung rung Zerkleine • Production waste • Bumpers • Carpets and rugs • Tetra pack • Textiles • Workshop waste • Packaging material • etc. • Passenger car tyres • Radioactive waste • Shredder light fraction • Hazardous waste • Punching scrap

QUALITY FEATURES High availability >> integrated electronic shut-down for unshreddable items >> resistant to foreign material due to low speed cutting shafts >> multiple shaft bearings A for extra rigidity A >> multi-stage sealing system B protecting gears and bearings >> integrated and easy-to-replace cutting chamber bulkhead walls C >> straight forward design (no hydraulics, couplings, etc.) ensures B reliable operation >> rugged, reinforced steel frame >> cutting disks with integral collar (no separate spacers) distributes cutting force over wide area Operational advantages >> reliable tooth belt drive E with two independent motors and D rugged, heavy-duty gears F >> belt drive provides optimum shaft speed >> consistent final particle size >> one step pre- and re-shredding >> self feeding for most materials – no ram required C I >> quick change screen system >> low noise and dust generation Low noise and dust pollution E >> by low-speed cutting shafts F H

Functional design >> can be loaded from all sides >> more than 350 cutting system configurations available >> modular system allows for tailor made solutions >> compact design integrates into complex installations without difficulty >> rugged cast iron frame G Unmatched in productivity >> very large screen area ensures high throughput >> high torque drive easily handles tough materials >> low downtime with high availability Options >> hydraulic ram for bulky materials >> variable frequency drive (VFD) speed control for adjustable throughput and reduction of start-up peaks >> screw conveyor for efficient discharge of shredded material >> automatic central lubrication system >> active shaft ventilation H for increased cutter life >> dynamic cutting disc pre-loading system I for easy change-out >> wear plates >> „UNTHA Carefree package“ G

A SELECTION OF IMPLEMENTED PROJECTs Application:PCBs Solution: RS50 Options: Stand, custom hopper Location: Finland Application: Alu and copper scrap Solution: RS100 Options: Central lubrication system, water misting system, ram device Location: Romania Application: Solution: Options: Location: Tyres from cars RS50 Great Britain Application: Solution: Options: Location: Printed circuit boards RS60 USA Application:Paper Solution: RS100 Options: custom hopper Location: Great Britain Application: Solution: Options: Location: Application: Solution: Options: Location: Hazardous waste RS100 Central lubrication system, custom hopper, stand, ram device, chute Great Britain Application: Solution: Options: Location: Electronic scrap RS100 Screeners extended reach, custom hopper, ram device France Tyres from cars RS100 Stand, custom hopper, chute, conveying system Germany

UNTHA RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTRE In 2000, UNTHA opened a modern research and development centre where trials and tests with customers’ specific materials are simulated under practical conditions. The focus is always on the customer and on fulfilling each task in the best possible manner. The technology centre enables us to gain important experience and data so we can offer the ideal shredding solution for any given task. Take this oppportunity and make an appointment at our test and demonstration centre!

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