rS30/rS40 A TRADITION OF RELIABILITY The reliable and rugged RS30 and RS40 shredders are often used for processing long solid wooden parts and have a proven track record for decades. These compact machines can stand alone or be integrated into comprehensive systems. High availability and consistent throughput are hallmarks of these tough and dependable machines. The homogeneous final product is perfectly suited for heat recovery and the production of wood briquettes. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • Solid wood (long wooden parts, chips) • Veneer board / paper (mixed with wood) • Bark • etc.. 22 • Card-

rs30/rs40 4-shaft cutting system D RS40 / 30-37 kW kW 2 x 5.5/2 x 7.5/2 x 11 2 x 11 2 x 15/2 x 18.5 Charging hole mm 450 x 560 450/750 x 700 480/750/960 x 700 No. of indexable inserts units 4 4 4 Rotor speed main shaft rpm appr. 23 appr. 20 appr. 23 Rotor speed secondary shaft rpm appr. 34 appr. 28 appr. 34 Perforated screen Ø mm 15 - 40 15 - 40 15 - 40 kg appr. 1,100 appr. 1,400/1,700 appr. 1,700/2,100/2,400 dB (A) appr. 80 Weight Noise level pressure LPA1m Throughput* - Screen Ø 15 - 25 mm kg/h - Screen Ø 30 - 40 mm kg/h appr. 80 H Power D1 H2 RS40 / 22 kw H1 RS30 Charging height = 1670 TECHNICAL DATA D2 appr. 80 W 300 - 700 400 - 1,100 500 - 1,400 800 - 1,200 800 - 1,500 1,100 - 2,000 SB *) depending on: quality of material and diameter of perforated screen TYPE/ DIMENSIONS SB L H H1 H2 W D D1 D2 RS30/2 x 5.5 kW 450 1,250 1,900 820 450 1,000 1,280 560 1,090 RS30/2 x 7.5 kW 450 1,300 1,900 820 450 1,000 1,280 560 1,090 RS30/2 x 11 kW 450 1,340 1,900 820 450 1,000 1,280 560 1,090 RS40/22 kW 450 1,360 1,970 820 450 1,000 1,370 700 1,190 RS40/22 kW 750 1,660 1,970 820 450 1,300 1,370 700 1,190 RS40/30 - 37 kW 480 1,530 1,990 880 500 1,045 1,415 700 1,190 RS40/30 - 37 kW 750 1,800 1,990 880 500 1,315 1,415 700 1,190 RS40/30 - 37 kW 960 2,010 1,990 880 500 1,525 1,415 700 1,190 D 40 years of expertise. More than 9,000 shredders in daily operation! All dimensions in mm. SB= Cutting system width 23

QUALITY FEATURES High availability >> highest quality standards in production >> rugged cast frame design >> high-quality bearings with an extremely long service life >> high resistance to foreign material thanks to low-speed cutting shafts >> straight forward design (couplings etc.) ensures reliable operation >> heavy-duty cutting disks with integral collars which distribute cutting forces over a wide area >> die-forged and case-hardened cutting disks >> reliable drive with two independent motors and heavy-duty gears >> one-step shredding concept (pre- and post-shredding in a single pass) >> automatic material in-feed which makes ram systems superfluous Unrivalled in throughput >> high throughput thanks to very large screen surface and tailored cutter design >> high torques thanks to slowly rotating cutting shafts >> little downtime 24

Low noise and dust development >> slow rotation of cutting shafts Sophisticated control concept >> automatic foreign material detection and stop >> automatic reverse function to prevent motor overloading >> automatic shutoff when idling >> user-friendly operating panel on the control cabinet Options >> suction hood (suction from all four sides possible) 3-y no- ears w war orrie ran s ty!* >> customer-specific feed hopper >> customer-specific cutting disks tailored to individual requirements >> customer-specific base frames >> pipe magnets >> belt conveyors with magnetic separation *) or 2,000 h, whichever value occurs first 25

HOW UNTHA CUSTOMER SERVICE CAN BENEFIT YOU UNTHA CUSTOMER SERVICE – AS RELIABLE AS OUR PRODUCTS Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. Our experienced Customer Service experts make sure the machines and plants supplied by us are maintained and optimized to increase their service life and ensure efficient and profitable operation. Cutting systems overhaul >> the low-cost alternative to buying new cutting systems >> extension of service life and increase in productivity of used cutting systems time of machines >> regular UNTHA quality maintenance ensures high perfor- Spare parts >> clear reduction in operating and maintenance costs ability of your machine and plant >> comprehensive spare parts stock of more than 10,000 items >> replacement parts are provided within two working days thanks to our advanced logistics concept1) >> all original UNTHA replacement parts are “made in Austria” Customer Service brochure. mance of the machine >> modular UNTHA quality Maintenance Agreements available Training >> expert training courses for optimum operation and maintenance of machines >> hands-on and multimedia courses for immediate, positive training results >> individual training courses and on-site advice available Repair Diagnosis of machine problems >> short response time and expert support in emergencies >> prevention of serious damage >> service hotline >> highly qualified and experienced service engineers >> general overhauls on site and at the UNTHA Service Centre 1) applies to all articles in stock 28 >> UNTHA quality maintenance programmes ensure high up- >> optimisation of worn cutting systems >> original UNTHA replacement parts for maximum avail- For more information please refer to our Preventive maintenance and maintenance agreements >> evaluation by means of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment >> remote diagnosis via GSM modem for swift troubleshooting


our Mission We have been a reliable and expert partner in the shredding industry for more than 40 years. Based on the latest technologies and with the help of our highly qualified staff, we develop and produce innovative and tailored shredding solutions for all applications. Our every thought and action revolve around our customers and markets. We provide outstanding products and services of the highest quality and reliability and are therefore able to strengthen our customers’ market position. For us, reliability, credibility and a sound approach to business in both practice and theory are the central values that make our success in international markets possible. These values increase our competitiveness and help us to focus on our core competences and on the ongoing improvement of our business processes. The prerequisites for our success are innovative strength, problem-solving skills and our distinctive quality thinking. 30

THE FACTS SPEAK IN OUR FAVOUR Inventor of the patented UNTHA Certified quality 4-shaft cutting UNTHA quality certificate system Development and manufacture of bespoke shredding solutions Over 80 % of all components Wood, waste, plastics, documents, data and WEEE More than 40 years of experience manufactured in-house and know-how in 9,000 m² of shredding technology production space 9,000 shredders worldwide in daily operation 150 highly The reliable brand qualified and motivated Established in 1970 After Sales Service Comprehensive and fast customer support worldwide 1-, 2- and 4-shaft shredding employees systems Distribution to over 40 countries worldwide Independent subsidiaries in Germany, the US, UNTHA Academy UK and Poland Two test and Training centre for employees demonstration centres and distribution partners for customers 31

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