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TROUBLE-FREE SHREDDING OF RECYCLABLE MATERIALS The QR class is a new generation of extremely reliable and versatile high-performance single-shaft shredders. These products are all about the trouble-free shredding of recyclable materials. With the QR class, operators can be sure of avoiding unscheduled downtime as these machines do what they were built for - the reliable shredding of material. The QR class was developed and realised over a two-year period, in cooperation with users from industry and commerce. This cooperation has resulted in a new series of single-shaft shredders that leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the robust, universal cutting unit, indestructible body and reliable, completely maintenance-free pusher technology, the technical highlights of this product also include a resilient drive system that comes with a safety coupling. In contrast to standard units, the QR class does not require a shaft stub, as the gears are integrated in the rotor. This results in a significant reduction of repair efforts. Yet another outstanding technological feature is the multi-functional flap that allows quick and easy access to the cutting chamber for the efficient emptying of the hopper and removal of foreign objects. Furthermore, the pusher may be cleaned in an ergonomic and safe position. The simple operation is based on a high-resolution touch-screen display, intelligent pusher controls, long maintenance intervals and the quick and safe access to all machine components. All these factors combined make operation and maintenance of these units as easy as never before! UNTHA RELIABILITY BONUS UNTHA shredders are designed, produced and mounted to meet even the highest quality requirements and significantly set themselves apart from competitors‘ products by their long service life and reliability. This quality pays off. We give a 3-years no-worries warranty* for all UNTHA wood shredders! *)or 2,000 h, whichever value occurs first 2

/ VERY POWERFUL FOR HIGH THROUGHPUTS The QR1700 and QR2100 are heavy-duty shredders and were developed for palette producers and the wood working and processing industries with a throughput of up to 30 loose cubic meters. Different screen diameters between 12 and 100 mm produce homogeneous and easily conveyable chips for thermal utilisation (wood chip combustion) or briquetting. EVEN BETTER SAFETY The QR class is equipped with a maintenance-free safety coupling which protects the cutting system and drive train from greater damages by un-shreddable items. APPLICATIONS • Scrap wood • Pallets • Waste wood • etc. 3

QUALITY FEATURES Effective cutting system The special rotors (smooth or profiled) have a large diameter and are equipped with bolted cutter holders. The adjustable main and secondary cutting bar as well the cutters may be reversed up to 4 times. Flexible perforated screen unit The hydraulically lowerable screen corpus ensures an ergonomic and time-efficient cleaning/replacement of the perforated screen. The convenient screen pan system allows an easy and quick replace of the screen segments. In addition the screen troughs are two-way exchangeable. Robust machine body The compact construction facilitates a space-saving set-up and smooth integration in the overall plant. A low filling level ensures maximum flexibility when it comes to loading. The large filling volume increases the process safety and reduces the risk of bridge formations. Symbolic image QR1700: The individual machine types may vary in terms of design and finish. 4

Maintenance-free pusher system The hermetic, internal pusher system requires no maintenance and prevents material leakage. The profiled pusher floor prevents the pusher getting jammed and facilitates the processing of thin-walled materials. Fail-safe power train The reliable safety coupling protects the cutting system and the power train. Due to the integrated planetary gear, there is no shaft stub required. The service window enables a direct and speedy access to the safety coupling. Exceptionally user- and maintenance-friendly The hydraulic multi-functional flap ensures an easy and fast access to the cutting chamber (more details on page 6) An integrated operating element for the multi-functional flap and the screen corpus provides a good view of the hazard area and facilitates operation. All components may be accessed quickly, safely and ergonomically and have long maintenance intervals. 5

HYDRAULIC MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FLAP The innovative service and maintenance flap is hydraulically operated and offers easy, quick access to the cutting unit. YOUR CUSTOMISED MACHINE: EXTRAS • Flexible controller upgrades: Facilitates customer-spe- cific control system adaptations and upgrades. • Special attachment hoppers: For optimal adjustment to the input material and feeding method. • Automatic central lubrication system: All important lu- brication points are supplied continuously with lubricant and hence are less prone to wear INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE POSITION CLEANING POSITION The inspection and maintenance position makes the indexable cutters and cutting bars easy to replace, the removal of foreign objects and the process of adjusting the cutting gap particularly efficient and straightforward. The cleaning position guarantees a quick emptying of the hopper and the cleaning of the pusher in an ergonomic, safe position. • Remote maintenance: For speedy fault diagnosis and trouble-shooting as well as machine optimisation. • Operating status display: For the speedy, visual display of the machine operating status. • UNTHA Carefree Packages (gold, silver, bronze): En- sure that machines are technically sound and ready for use at all times. • UNTHA Lifetime Support: Guarantees maximum avail- ability throughout the lifetime of the machine. 6

CLASS 1-shaft shredding system QR1700 QR2100 Drive power kW 55/75/90/110*/150* 90/110*/150*/180* Rotor length mm 1700 2100 Ø Rotor mm 560 560 Rotor speed rpm 97 97 Fill opening mm 1700 x 2100 2100 x 2100 Hydraulic power kW 4 4 Ø Screen mm 12 - 100 12 - 100 Size cutters mm 40x40/60x60 40x40/60x60 kg 12000 13000 Weight** DIMENSIONS A B C QR1700 3340 2410 2600 QR1700 (drive on both sides) 4200 2410 2600 QR2100 3770 2410 2600 QR2100 (drive on both sides) 4620 2410 2600 Dimensions in mm. *) Two-sided drive **) With the lowest drive power Length (A) Height (C) TECHNICAL DATA Width (B) 7

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