YOUR CUSTOMISED MACHINE: EXTRAS HYDRAULIC MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FLAP • Frequency converter: Ensures optimised machine per- The innovative service and maintenance flap is hydraulically operated and offers easy, quick access to the cutting unit. formance and short current peaks during start-up and reversing. • Flexible controller upgrades: Facilitates customer-spe- cific control system adaptations and upgrades. • Special attachment hoppers: For optimal adjustment to the input material and feeding method. • Rotor wear protection (hard surfacing): Significantly increases rotor availability with abrasive materials. • Automatic central lubrication system: All important lu- brication points are supplied continuously with lubricant and hence are less prone to wear INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE POSITION CLEANING POSITION The inspection and maintenance position makes the indexable cutters and cutting bars easy to replace, the removal of foreign objects and the process of adjusting the cutting gap particularly efficient and straightforward. The cleaning position guarantees a quick emptying of the hopper and the cleaning of the pusher in an ergonomic, safe position. • Rotor cooler: Ensures the reliable shredding of materials with a particularly low melting point. • Remote maintenance: For speedy fault diagnosis and trouble-shooting as well as machine optimisation. • Operating status display: For the speedy, visual display of the machine operating status. • UNTHA Carefree Packages (gold, silver, bronze): En- sure that machines are technically sound and ready for use at all times. • UNTHA Lifetime Support: Guarantees maximum avail- ability throughout the lifetime of the machine. 6