rS UNTHA CUSTOMER SERVICE – AS RELIABLE AS OUR PRODUCTS Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority. Our experienced Customer Service experts ensure machines and plant supplied by us are maintained and optimised to increase their service life and give many years of efficient and profitable operation. We can also provide: Series RS30 Technical Data RS40 4-shaft shredding system 4-shaft shredding system Driving power kW 11/15 22/30/37 Cutting system width mm 450 750/1,000 Cutting system depth mm 600 700 No. of cutting shafts pcs. 4 4 Weight kg 2.000 3.300/3.600 Throughput* kg/h up to 3,000 up to 10,000 *) depending on: quality of material >> full refurbishment of cutting systems >> spare parts >> machine repair and/or refurbishment >> preventive maintenance and maintenance agreements >> training >> diagnosis of machine problems S Series S40 Technische Daten 2-shaft shredding system S40 2x2-shaft shredding system Driving power kW 37 88 Cutting system width mm 900 1,054 Cutting system depth mm 680 860 No. of cutting shafts pcs. 2 4 Weight kg 3,000 5,000 Throughput* kg/h up to 15,000 up to 25,000 *) depending on: quality of material All dimensions in mm. 40 years of expertise. More than 9,000 shredders in daily operation!

RELIABLE SHREDDING TECHNOLOGY PRODUCES HIGH PROCESS STABILITY APPLICATIONS AND PLANT EXAMPLES Slaughterhouse and animal waste Packaged foods Organic waste bins Unfinished food/unused ingredients Bottled drinks / empty plastic bottles Grocery market waste Preserves Plant off cuts Fruit & Vegetables In order to process packaged, heterogeneous or lumpy organic waste optimally for fermentation, it needs to be subjected to a shredding process. Using a slow-running UNTHA RS- or S-shredder guarantees reliable processing of the material and therefore a pumpable fermentation substrate. For this particular application, UNTHA has developed special cutting systems which offer specific tooth and cutting gap geometries. Organic Waste Screening, Shredding, Separation Biological Digestion Composting Output Anorganisch & recyclebar Biogas (electricity & heat generation) Green waste

THERE ARE A LOT OF GOOD REASONS FOR CHOOSING AN UNTHA SHREDDING SOLUTION The reliable and robust RS30/40 and S40 shredders are proven over decades and were specifically developed for a wide range of applications. They can be operated as standalone solutions or integrated as part of a complex line of process equipment, where they are particularly valued for their compact design. The machines are characterised by their reliability and process stability. They feature a functional design and are unmatched in productivity. QUALITY FEATURES These shredders give unrivalled reliability for the following reasons >> an integrated electronic shut-down for un-shreddable items >> high resistance to foreign material thanks to low-speed cutting shafts >> multi-stage special sealing A >> easily replaceable standard wear plates in the cutting chamber >> straight-forward design (no hydraulics, couplings etc) >> heavy-duty cutting disks with integral collars, which distribute cutting forces over a wide area B >> maintenance-free mechanical seals >> electric oil level monitoring >> integrated central lubrication system Operational advantages >> individual cutting disk geometry C allows for a definable particle size >> reliable drive with two independent motors and heavy-duty gears >> consistent final particle size >> no bridging of the input material by the secondary cutters >> self-feeding of material

Functional design >> compact design >> universal discharge flange for easy interface with downstream components D A >> can be loaded from all sides >> sectional tubular steel frame >> new enclosed design protects all components from dirt and dust B Low operating costs >> low energy consumption >> low maintenance costs Unrivalled in throughput >> high throughput thanks to individual cutting system design >> due to large screen surface and tailored cutter design >> slowly rotating cutting shafts produce high torque B In addition we offer >> bespoke project planning by experienced application engineers >> components and specific service >> efficient spare parts supply C D % 100 al gin Ori NTHA ms U e syst ing cutt

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