FUNCTION AND DESIGN During shredding, the load-controlled hydraulic ram 1 pushes the material to be shredded against the rotor 2 which is COMPACT AND RELIABLE driven by an electric motor, V-belt and spur gear. The reliable and rugged LRK1000 and LRK1400 shredders are popular with companies in the plastics processing industry for The rotor is equipped with replaceable indexable cutters 3 and shreds the material against the main 4 and secondary volume reduction and in-house recycling. 5 stationary cutting bars. Like all UNTHA shredders, these machines can stand alone or The shredded material then falls through the perforated screen 6 ; the particle size is determined by the size of the screen. be integrated into comprehensive systems. High throughput, out- The particles are discharged via an integrated screw conveyor 7 to which additional material handling equipment can be standing availability and consistent particle size ensure an effi- connected. cient and profitable operation. 3 1 5 4 2 6 For more information please refer to the “Individual Shredding Solutions” brochure. 7 ble brand! The relia TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • Dashboards • Interior auto trim • CDs • Plastic film • Cardboard packaging • Plastic drums • Plastic packaging • Lumps of plastic • Plastic tubes • Rubbish bins • Production waste • Polymer foam • Bumpers • Rolls of plastic film • Textiles • Packaging material • etc. 1 sungen rungslö ine elle Zerkle individu