Spare and wear parts 100% original UNTHA parts Prompt delivery Lifelong spare parts availability Original UNTHA wear and spare parts are precise, custom-fit and Thanks to our comprehensive warehouse stock and our state-of-the- Owners of a UNTHA shredder may count on all parts being availa- high-grade serial parts made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing art logistics concept, you can be sure that any spare and wear parts ble at all times. The spare and wear parts of our serial machines are process and subject to ongoing, strict quality controls. will be delivered promptly. extensively documented. No matter where in the world you are located – our worldwide sales This means that you can always order the right part using the article and service network works promptly and reliably. number in the operating manual, independent of the age of your You may thus be sure that the high level of availability of your machine will be maintained over many years. machine. Wear costs optimisation Efficient order processing We are always happy to help you lower you wear and operating Our competent customer service team will handle your order per- costs. Depending on the machine type and the area of application, sonally, making sure that it is processed efficiently and reliably, using we can handle the spare parts management for you. the latest ERP and CRM systems. The perfect opportunity for you to benefit from our extensive experience and tried-and-tested concepts. Whether we are talking about highly wear-resistant parts, hard-facing or interval concepts – we always have a solution that fits! 7