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Reliability throughout the lifetime of your unit For UNTHA, reliable customer support is a key priority, right from the word go. With UNTHA Lifetime Support, we are taking our idea of customer support one step further. All UNTHA customers may now count on uncompromising support and assistance throughout the lifetime of their machine, making sure that UNTHA machines do exactly what they are meant to do – shred reliably. UNTHA Lifetime Support > Professional commissioning > Regular inspection and maintenance > Quick fault detection > Performance-enhancing optimisation and improvement > Speedy repair and maintenance 2 Spare and wear parts Service Product > > > > Worldwide servicing network Competent advice Short reaction times Comprehensive training programmes > Lucrative added-value programmes > > > > > 100% original UNTHA parts Prompt delivery Lifelong spare parts availability Wear costs optimisation Efficient order processing

PRODUcT Professional commissioning Regular inspection and maintenance Quick fault detection If you wish, you may handle the commissioning of UNTHA products Regular maintenance will greatly prolong the lifespan of your ma- In case of machine failure, the speedy detection of the cause of the yourself. However, we recommend using a competent UNTHA service chine and reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime. This is an in- failure is essential. After all, unscheduled downtime is a costly busi- technician or an authorised UNTHA service partner. That way, you can vestment that is guaranteed to pay off! Qualified UNTHA staff will be ness. The trained eyes of our experienced technicians detect faults at be absolutely sure that your shredder is optimised for your specific happy to handle this aspect on your behalf. a glance, making it possible to initiate efficient countermeasures im- working environment from the very first. mediately. Your benefits from the attractive „UNTHA Carefree Pack-ages“ in- At the same time, you have the opportunity of getting to know the clude increased safety and savings of both time and money. For There is also the possibility of installing a permanent monitoring sys- machine and learning more about its operation, opening up the way UNTHA maintenance customers, regular inspection and mainte- tem, with the goal of detecting a fault before it has even happened. for the smooth, efficient running of your unit. nance activities are available at an attractive annual flat rate. Performance-enhancing optimisation and improvement Speedy repair and maintenance We don‘t do downtime: In our books, problems are there to be fixed. There is often no need for an all-new machine. We are happy to Our service technicians are known for getting machines up and run- optimise your existing unit, adapting it to new requirements, working ning again within no time at all. environments or processes. Based on their advance diagnosis, we will repair your unit quickly Refittings and/or modernisations and updates can frequently be a and professionally, either on site or in our state-of-the-art service cost-effective, sensible alternative to purchasing a completely new centre. unit. In this way, the productivity of a machine may be increased efficiently, using just a few simple alteration techniques. 3


SERVICE Worldwide servicing network Competent advice Short reaction times When you purchase an UNTHA shredder, you can count on an inter- With UNTHA, you are in the best of hands. When we say Lifetime We know that for our customers, every minute counts. For this rea- national service network that offers reliable customer support as well Support, we mean it: The goal is to support and assist our customers son, we are constantly working on providing you with fast, efficient as competent, efficient help whenever you need it. throughout the lifespan of their machine. solutions. Customers appreciate our short reaction times that allow Our network of UNTHA locations and authorised sales and service Our highly experienced employees know our products inside out and partners spans no less than 40 countries. have learned their trade from scratch. Even for highly complex prob- As our customer, you can count on short, reliable service calls, quick lems, we offer competent advice and support. order processing and punctual delivery. us to process enquiries and requests as soon as we receive them. Comprehensive training programmes Lucrative added-value programmes Our in-house UNTHA Academy is a highly successful training plat- We offer more to our customers. UNTHA added-value programmes form for customers, sales partners and service staff, where a range bundle lucrative offers with attractive price advantages exclusively of modular training programmes are offered on a regular basis, for our customers. reaching from product and service training to highly specific topics. They include Carefree Packages, loyalty programmes, bonus sysOur trainers come with plenty of field experience in different areas tems and promotions. When you purchase an UNTHA machine, you of the company. may also benefit from our versatile programmes. 5


Spare and wear parts 100% original UNTHA parts Prompt delivery Lifelong spare parts availability Original UNTHA wear and spare parts are precise, custom-fit and Thanks to our comprehensive warehouse stock and our state-of-the- Owners of a UNTHA shredder may count on all parts being availa- high-grade serial parts made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing art logistics concept, you can be sure that any spare and wear parts ble at all times. The spare and wear parts of our serial machines are process and subject to ongoing, strict quality controls. will be delivered promptly. extensively documented. No matter where in the world you are located – our worldwide sales This means that you can always order the right part using the article and service network works promptly and reliably. number in the operating manual, independent of the age of your You may thus be sure that the high level of availability of your machine will be maintained over many years. machine. Wear costs optimisation Efficient order processing We are always happy to help you lower you wear and operating Our competent customer service team will handle your order per- costs. Depending on the machine type and the area of application, sonally, making sure that it is processed efficiently and reliably, using we can handle the spare parts management for you. the latest ERP and CRM systems. The perfect opportunity for you to benefit from our extensive experience and tried-and-tested concepts. Whether we are talking about highly wear-resistant parts, hard-facing or interval concepts – we always have a solution that fits! 7

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