06 TIP UNTHA NEWS • The reliable brand! How to get the most from your waste wood recycling facility Waste wood is a precious resource that is generated in large volumes and that may be used for either material or energy recovery, depending on its quality grade. Rising waste disposal costs, a growing awareness of environmental issues and more stringent legal requirements all contribute to the increasing importance of waste wood processing. With the XR series, UNTHA offers an innovative, economical single-step processing solution that is available as a stationary or mobile version, depending on the individual requirement profile. Christoph Lahnsteiner, Product Manager of the business unit waste, explains the benefits of waste wood processing using an XR shredder: „The shredders of our XR series are extremely dependable and rely on an efficient cutting system, slow-running rotor and high torque, a combination that yields a highly homogeneous granu- late and a throughput rate of up to 40 t/h. At the same time, fine production is extremely low with XR shredding operations. This means that you can increase your usable fraction by up to 20 % and significantly reduce your cost per tonne – also because, depending on the material specification, there may be no need for a downstream screening system.“ High energy efficiency, low operating costs and a high level of foreign object protection and process safety, paired with a high performance rating, are additional success factors of the UNTHA waste wood processing units. Christoph Lahnsteiner also points out the low-emission shredding process: „The shredding operations result in minimal noise and dust production. The noise level barely reaches 80 dB(A) – this not only benefits employees, neighbours and the environment, but also the operator: Given this extraordinarily low level of noise production, there is the option of extending the daily operating times of the unit.“ Hot off the press: The new UNTHA image brochure is out now! Following the relaunch of our website, our image brochure has also been given a makeover. On 20 pages, readers can learn more about the world of reliable shredding technology. The brochure is available directly at the trade fair stand or for download from the Infocenter at www.untha.com. Have fun reading! Thanks to its broad application range and high level of flexibility, the XR series is not just suitable for waste wood processing, but can also be used for the shredding of other material flows, which significantly increases its period of use and therefore also its cost-effectiveness. Use your time at the IFAT to find out more about the versatile shredding options presented by the XR series! Welt der en in der e Willkomm echnologi inerungst en Zerkle the world of Welcome to ng technology ddi shre e reliabl zuverlässig 01 A powerhouse for shredding aluminium Polish company Nicromet is a leading provider of cast alloys for aluminium foundries. For its production, the company relies primarily on high-grade scrap aluminium. To achieve an even higher product quality when processing scrap aluminium, Nicromet employs the largest, most powerful 4-shaft shredder made by UNTHA. As a material, aluminium may be reused an infinite number of times. Aluminium is lightweight, easy to process and extremely rigid, making it a popular industrial choice. Given the fact that aluminium production using scrap metal is cheaper and less energy-intensive, Nicromet uses mostly secondary aluminium. To ensure a higher quality of its aluminium alloys in future, the secondary aluminium will be shredded prior to being smelted and foreign metals will be removed. shafts facilitates the feeding process and provides an excellent shredding result. The pre-sorted and partially also pre-shredded aluminium is fed into the hopper using a grabber and is shredded down to a size of 100 mm, with throughput rates of up to 6 t/h. After the shredding process, the material is removed with a discharge conveyor and an overbelt magnet removes the foreign metals. When choosing the right shredder for the job, the company opted for UNTHA‘s most powerful 4-shaft shredder: the RS150. The unit is equipped with the 4 x 78 kW UNTHA Eco Drive, making it ideally suited for the shredding of metal. A frequency converter ensures optimal throughput rates and a high torque, combined with low energy consumption. The low rotational speed of the four cutting A real eye-catcher the new UNTHA website Up-to-date, user-friendly, informative: The new UNTHA shredding technology web platform went live earlier this year and its intuitive menu navigation, clear page structure and new design speak for themselves. Special attention was given to improving user-friendliness and simplifying the menu navigation. The product filter helps users locate the right units for their individual area of application in a speedy and straightforward fashion. All relevant information is now presented even more efficiently using images and videos. The visual presentation of the website was also given an overhaul and brought in line with the latest technology. Using responsive design, the website can also be accessed using mobile end devices such as Smartphones or tablets. Why not see for yourself – visit the new website at www.untha.com! A pusher device supports the shredding process for bulky feed material. The automated central lubrication unit ensures that the most important lube points are taken care of on an ongoing basis, thereby significantly reducing maintenance efforts. With this shredding solution provided by UNTHA, Nicromet will be able to increase the purity of its secondary aluminium as well as increase its revenue by selling the sorted metals separately.