UNTHA NEWS • 05 The reliable brand! The XR mobil-e is touring Europe In the autumn of 2015, UNTHA began to offer customers the option of testing the XR series on location for several days and on a non-binding basis. Christoph Lahnsteiner, Product Manager of the business unit waste, explains how customers benefit from this offer: „Before committing to such a large-scale investment, many of our customers would like the opportunity of seeing for themselves what a shredder is capable of, using their own material, fleet and staff. Especially because shredding tasks are often highly specific, it is important for plant operators to ascertain that the unit will be able to fulfil the requirements of the plant and comply with the statements of the manufacturer. After a continuous test that runs over several days, customers know exactly what the XR unit can do and can therefore base their purchasing decision on concrete, unbiased data.“ What makes this demo unit unique is that, although it is a mobile machine, the entire drive and shredding con- XR mobil-e – how to conquer the waste disposal market with a new concept Product innovations usually create new advantages for the market, but also harbour risks when it comes to communication – in particular if the unit in question requires a great deal of explanation and instruction. In addition to exciting technological functions, products like the mobile XR mobil-e waste shredder also offer benefits on an operational level. This video only takes two minutes to answer questions that would require a lot more time if answered face to face. Enjoy the clip! cept of the XR mobil-e is identical to that of the stationary model of the XR series. This means that customers who are interested in a stationary unit are also able to fall back on this un-complicated test version and apply the test results to the stationary version on a 1:1 basis. units at their disposal that will enable them to explore benefits of the XR series on their own premises before committing to a purchasing decision. All those interested are welcome to learn more about this opportunity from our testing specialists at the IFAT.“ UNTHA will adjust the XR mobil-e to perfectly fit the customer‘s requirement profile. As the entire testing process is supervised by an UNTHA specialist on location, the optimal set-up of the unit is guaranteed. In addition to customer-specific demos, UNTHA is also planning several road shows in the German-speaking world over the coming months, giving potential customers the opportunity to see the XR series in action. The tour of Austria will kick off in June 2016 – for detailed information on places and times, please refer to the UNTHA homepage or ask at the UNTHA trade fair stand. Christoph Lahnsteiner is overwhelmed by the resoundingly positive echo to this new testing opportunity: „The interest in test runs on location shows no signs of abating and has by far exceeded our expectations. Within this comparatively short period of time, nearly 20 companies in six countries have utilised this option and seen for themselves the advantages offered by the XR series. Interested customers all over Europe now have several demo More room for reliability In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend in the shredding industry towards ever-higher throughput rates. As a consequence, shredders are becoming steadily larger and more solid. To keep abreast of this development, UNTHA started diversifying with bigger-size units several years ago. In order to have the required surface space at their disposal, the production site at Kuchl near Salzburg had to be enlarged. Following this extension of UNTHAs premises and targeted investments in their production facilities, the sky is now the limit when it comes to size and design of future structural components! block paving. Communal areas were also extended and a new wood-chip heating system now heats the entire company premises. UNTHA uses their waste wood for energy production, thereby eliminating disposal costs and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels to an absolute minimum. The training workshop that covers an area of 300 m² provides all their present and future apprentices with the perfect environment to learn the trade of engineering technician. The expansion of the R&D Centre enables UNTHA to perform tests with customer-specific material to ensure optimal machine design. UNTHA Academy The UNTHA Academy is a training platform for sales partners, customers and employees, and ensures a sustainable transfer of knowledge. The Academy provides both individual training as well as modular development programs for all participants. The focus is on product and service knowledge transfer. The trainers are specialists from all company divisions with proven field expertise. Moreover, UNTHA also supports personal and technical skill development in its employees. Thanks to special ongoing internal and external education programs, UNTHA employees are always well-informed. In addition, the UNTHA competency training takes place every two weeks. Based on the motto „Shared knowledge is twice the knowledge“, experienced employees efficiently pass on their insight to colleagues. The results of all these efforts are remarkable: UNTHA has added a whopping 6000 m², thus almost doubling the existing production and office space. All their planning activities were aimed at optimising the material flow of the production and logistics units: For instance, two separate production lines with their own storage areas were installed, one for the RS series and one for the entire 1-shaft series, thereby optimising the material flow throughout. In addition, UNTHA has invested in a completely new coating line and a new welding department as well as purchased new, state-of-the-art CNC machines. In the production halls, they have added sky-lights to increase the amount of daylight in the workplace. Parts of the new halls were also furnished with wood- UNTHA is an environmentally aware company that strives for sustainability. Among their upcoming projects is the installation of a photovoltaic plant. 100 % of the environmentally friendly electricity produced by the plant will be fed into the own electric system. A charging station for electric vehicles to power the future electric company car is integrated in this system. Another project is the extension of the UNTHA service department. Approx. 50 % more surface area will provide ample space for the maintenance and repair of customer units. In addition, UNTHA will also create more warehouse space and invest in a state-of-the-art washing system.