04 UNTHA NEWS • The reliable brand! New in the portfolio: Compact and cost-efficient system solutions for single-step waste Pocessing In addition to its versatile portfolio of shredding machines for waste and waste wood reprocessing, UNTHA has also been offering complete solutions that perfectly fit the individual units since 2014. straightforward and cost-efficient fashion. We have come up with a compact system that is perfectly in tune with this requirement profile and that constitutes a hassle-free turnkey solution for UNTHA customers.“ Peter Streinik, Head of the waste business segment, sheds light on the motivation behind this decision: „The market for large, powerful complete systems for the recovery of high-grade fuel for main burners is covered by renowned plant construction companies that we have been working with as a reliable supplier of shredding solutions for many years. However, the technology required by such plants is highly complex and often associated with enormous investments. For recovering fuels for calcinator or fluidised-bed combustion systems, such a complex recovery facility is not required. For all these customers, the XR series constitutes an ideal choice as it is able to process a range of different materials in a single-step process, in a UNTHA also offers a high-grade discharge feed system for the XR series, complete with a magnetic belt separator and the steel construction system that goes with it. The control technology is installed in a handy control cabinet room where components are perfectly safe from dust, thus enabling a speedy commissioning process. In addition, UNTHA also supplies complete fire extinguishing systems that are fully attuned to the overall plant set-up and are becoming increasingly popular with customers. „Although slow-running units such as the XR series significantly reduce the fire hazard associated with shredding processes, it still makes sense to equip the unit with highly sensitive UV/IR sensors and/or a connected water spray system to increase safety for the machine, the plant and the entire building”, says Peter Streinik. Complete plant with a XR2000C. Plug. Shred. Move. The new XR mobil-e Spurred on by the excellent sales figures of the XR series since it was first launched in 2014, UNTHA is now also setting new standards in the world of mobile shredding technology with the new XR mobil-e. The XR mobil-e combines the benefits of an electromechanical stationary unit with those of a mobile shredding solution, without having to put up with the disadvantages of a mobile, diesel-powered shredder. The unit runs on electricity from the mains supply, while a reliable crawler-type undercarriage, in combination with a small petrol-powered engine, ensures the required level of mobility for the XR mobil-e. Christian Lanner, Technical Director of the waste business segment, summarises the benefits of this innovative shredding solution: „The XR mobil-e stands for highly cost-efficient, low-emission waste and waste wood recovery. With a high throughput rate, excellent foreign object protection and an outstandingly energy-efficient drive concept on the basis of the tried-and-tested UNTHA Eco Drive, the XR mobil-e constitutes a truly cost-efficient shredding solution. But that is not all: Thanks to the UNTHA Eco Drive, the XR mobil-e also provides a maintenance-free drive concept – a major advantage compared to conventional drive concepts used in mobile, diesel-powered shredders. The benefits of the XR mobil-e really come into their own in environments where different material flows are processed at different locations within a single site. For waste wood processing, for instance, this means that different material grades may be processed at different locations. The XR series is a slow-running, single-shaft shredder, extremely flexible and designed for universal use, and may therefore also be used for the shredding of other material flows. For operators, this means that the unit‘s period of use may be significantly prolonged as it may also be utilised for the processing of industrial and commercial waste, bulky waste or production materials whenever the machine is not used to full capacity with waste wood alone. Christian Lanner lists some more benefits offered by the XR mobil-e: „The trend towards increasingly stringent legal stipulations and regulatory requirements that has been noticeable for a while is also affecting the waste disposal industry. With minimal noise emissions of just 80 dB(A) during shredding operations, extremely low dust production and non-existent emissions, the XR mobil-e stays abreast of this development. This not only creates economic advantages, but also benefits your employees, your neighbours and the environment as a whole. Peter Streinik, Head of the business unit waste, sums up the first market reactions as follows: „We are extremely happy with the results. We had our first reference customer just a few weeks after the product had been launched, and many other projects have reached the final negotiation phase.” UNTHA is exhibiting two XR mobil-e units in the Munich area during this period: one machine will be shown at the UNTHA trade fair stand, where, from 31/05 until 02/06/2016, visitors twice a day have the opportunity to see for themselves the benefits offered by the unit. Meeting point is the UNTHA trade fair stand at 10 am and 2 pm. Please register in advance. XR mobil-e at the UNTHA test center.