UNTHANEWS Welcome to the IFAT 2016! The IFAT 2016 has once more opened its gates. As the world‘s leading trade fair for environmental technology, it is certainly the most important presentation and innovation platform for this industry. True to the motto “Discovering reliable shredding technology”, UNTHA is set to present fantastic product innovations and novelties. EDITORIAL Dear readers, We are pleased to announce that 2015 was a highly successful year for UNTHA. In addition to a record turnover and highest number of employees ever, we succeeded in convincing many new customers of the competence of our solutions and our uncompromising commitment to reliability. This success confirms that we are on the right path and gives us the motivation we need to continue doing whatever we can to be more reliable than other manufacturers. Our goals for 2016 are also very ambitious: In addition to launching the innovative XR mobil-e, we will introduce the QR class, a new series of high-performance single-shaft shredders. Furthermore, we are introducing our new UNTHA Lifetime Support, a strong message to our customers that reflects our commitment to active support at all times. And we are not just investing into the expansion of our product range, but also in that of our markets and applications. By now, our sales subsidiaries in the US, UK, Poland and Germany are well-positioned and our sales operations in South America and Asia are going better than expected. We want to set new standards not just in waste wood and biomass processing, but also in plastics and metal recycling. In this edition of the UNTHA IFAT News, we would like to give you a brief overview of our products and services, report on new developments in technology and sales and outline our plans for the future. I hope you will find this interesting! Christoph Walchhofer, CMO PS: Our experienced sales and product managers will be happy to discuss your individual shredding product directly at our stand at the trade fair. We are looking forward to talking to you! IMPRINT: Media owner, publisher and editor: UNTHA shredding technology GmbH Kellau 141, 5431 Kuchl, Austria With the QR class, UNTHA will present a new series of high-performance shredders for material recycling. These shredders are extremely resilient and remain fully operational even in the toughest conditions. The machines boast highlights such as a newly developed universal cutting unit and integrated pusher system and also stand out for ease-of-use and maintenance. Shredder specialist UNTHA is also exploring new paths when it comes to waste and waste wood recycling – visitors will be impressed by the innovative XR mobil-e, a revolutionary machine concept that links the benefits of an electro-mechanical drive with the advantages offered by a mobile system. During live demonstrations, visitors can see for themselves what this unit offers in terms of performance and versatility. A stationary X3000R will also be shown at the trade fair, a particularly powerful pre-shredder for waste processing that impresses with low operating costs and a high level of availability. Those looking for an indestructible multi-talent need look no further than the ultra-robust four-shaft RS40 shredding unit, which comes into its own with particularly tough applications such as hard drives, metals or electronic scrap. What’s more – the RS40 also complies with safety standard DIN 66399-2, thereby ensuring the standard-compliant destruction of files and data. The new UNTHA Lifetime Support will also premiere at the trade fair: Under the heading “Reliability for Life”, interested visitors have the opportunity of learning more about UNTHA’s multi-faceted range of after-sales service programmes. UNTHA Lifetime Support Product > Professional commissioning > Regular inspection and maintenance > Quick fault detection > Performance-enhancing optimisation and improvement > Speedy repair and maintenance Spare and wear parts Service > > > > Worldwide servicing network Competent advice Short reaction times Comprehensive training programmes > Lucrative added-value programmes > > > > > 100 % original UNTHA parts Prompt delivery Lifelong spare parts availability Wear costs optimisation Efficient order processing Reliability throughout the lifetime of your unit Individual, tailor-made solutions, premium products, on-time delivery and expert commissioning are still not enough – customers also require a comprehensive support solution to ensure the productivity, cost-effectiveness and long lifespan of their shredders. For UNTHA, reliable customer support is a key priority, right from the word go. With UNTHA Lifetime Support, we are now taking our idea of customer support one step further. This means that UNTHA customers may now rely on uncompromising support and assistance throughout the lifetime of their unit, thereby ensuring its maximum availability. Tip: The UNTHA Lifetime Support staff is available for questions anytime and will be happy to discuss your individual concerns right here at the trade fair. So why not drop in for a visit – we’ll make it worth your while!

02 UNTHA NEWS • The reliable brand! The new QR class: trouble-free shredding of recyclable materials UNTHA is expanding its product range and launches a new generation of extremely reliable, versatile high-performance single-shaft shredders: the QR class, which is all about the problem-free shredding of recyclable materials. With the QR class, operators can be sure of avoiding unscheduled downtime. These machines do the job they were built for – efficient, reliable shredding! The QR class was developed and realised over a twoyear period, in cooperation with users from industry and commerce. This cooperation has resulted in a new series of single-shaft shredders that leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the robust, universal cutting unit, indestructible body and reliable, completely maintenance-free pusher technology, the technical highlights of this product also include a resilient drive system that comes with a safety coupling. In contrast to standard units, the QR class does not require a shaft stub as the gears are integrated in the rotor, resulting in a significant reduction of repair efforts. chamber and the efficient emptying of the hopper and removal of foreign objects. Furthermore, the pusher may be positioned in a way that allows ergonomic, safe cleaning. The machines are extremely user-friendly, with operation being based on a high-resolution touchscreen display, intelligent pusher controls, long maintenance intervals and quick, safe access to all machine components. All these factors combined make operation and maintenance of these units as easy as never before. The QR class ranges from a rated capacity of 22 to 180 kW and comes with a cutting unit width of 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1700 and 2000 mm. Yet another outstanding achievement is the multi-functional flap that allows quick and easy access to the cutting Symbol picture of the QR1700 > The UNTHA Carefree Package „Premium“ worth up to EUR 15,000* is now included in the purchase of a QR unit! This promotion is valid until 30 June 2016. Market launch promotion Test centre Two UNTHA test centres ensure trials with the widest variety of materials on different machines under realistic operating conditions. The goal is to find the optimally configured machine for the respective application area. For UNTHA customers, this means 100% confidence in their investment decisions. Reliable shredding technology for medical waste disposal Belgian plant manufacturer AMB has specialised in the disposal of hospital waste and offers clients complete turnkey solutions. When it comes to shredding, the company relies on the tried-and-tested UNTHA 4-shaft shredders. Their compact design, low-maintenance operation and robust construction make them ideal elements in the overall plants, which are in permanent operation. Hospital waste cannot be disposed of without being processed first. Alternatively, it must be incinerated in a refuse incinerator, which is a costly process. To dispose of *Depending on the type of machine and area of application A comprehensive test log, including video and photo documentation, is generated for every test series and thus serves as reliable proof for the achieved performance data. Moreover, these tests give UNTHA valuable information that helps to optimize existing machines and develop new technology. UNTHA would be happy to conduct a practice test with your material free of charge. hospital waste safely and professionally, it must first be treated in several specific process steps. AMB has specialised in the planning and manufacturing of small processing plants for medical waste. The waste is delivered in small containers that are emptied into the hopper of the shredder using a tilt-and-lift device. Next, UNTHA‘s compact RS30/40 shredders get to work, shredding the material down to less than 30 mm. Thanks to their compact design and structure, these shredders are easy and quick to integrate in the overall plant. Their robust, slow-running cutting system requires little maintenance, thereby ensuring a high level of availability. After the shredding pro- Please schedule an appointment by calling: +43 6244 7016 0 cess, the material is heated with microwaves in a separate chamber and the temperature is kept constant for a whole hour. After this step, the material is removed to a container via a discharge screw conveyor. The result: finely shredded, neutralised waste that may be disposed of or landfilled in a cost-efficient manner. AMB has recognised the enormous advantages of the dependable UNTHA 4-shaft technology and will certainly continue to rely on it in future. < AMB complete plant with UNTHA RS30

UNTHA NEWS • 03 The reliable brand! 12 good reasons W A N TED to choose UNTHA The IFAT is a platform for the world’s most important manufacturers of shredding machines and solutions. For interested visitors, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of everything that is on offer and to separate the „good“ from the „bad“. Below, we have compiled 12 reasons that explain why UNTHA stands out from the rest: UNTHA is extending the international sales network and therefore are constantly searching for new partners. They are addressing reliable companies that strive for a long-term business relationship and that will successfully position and market our premium brand on different markets. Inventor of the patented UNTHA Certified quality 4-shaft cutting UNTHA quality certificate system Become an UNTHA sales partner ISO 9001:2008 Development and UNTHA offers: manufacture of bespoke shredding Over 80 % Over 9,000 solutions > More than 40 years of experience and know how in shredding technology More than 40 > Assurance of an internationally successful brand of all components years of experience manufactured in-house and know-how in 9,000 m² of shredding technology production space shredders worldwide in daily operation 150 highly The reliable brand > Provision of a high-quality product range UNTHA Established in 1970 Lifetime Support Comprehensive and fast customer support worldwide 1-, 2- and qualified and motivated 4-shaft shredding employees systems > Comprehensive support by an area sales manager > Fast support for realising your projects > Comprehensive training (technical and sales-related) > Comprehensive marketing support (mailings, advertisements, displays, brochures ...) > Favourable conditions Distribution to over 40 countries UNTHA is looking forward to hearing from you! worldwide Independent subsidiaries in Germany, the US, UNTHA Academy UK and Poland Two test and Training centre for employees demonstration centres and distribution partners for customers The RS class: Jobs & Careers For over 40 years is UNTHA shredding technology developing and producing reliable shredding systems for different applications. With a worldwide distribution network with partners in over 40 countries and with four independent sales subsidiaries in USA, UK, Germany and Poland is UNTHA one of the most important manufacturers in this growing industry. UNTHA is currently looking for a Robust technology for heavy-duty applications service technician (m/f) Our sophisticated four-shaft shredders are tested to within an inch of their life and characterised by outstanding reliability, resistance to foreign objects and a broad application range. Their robust, rugged design, sturdy and hard-wearing cutting unit and the fact that they are not failure-prone makes these units particularly well suited for multi-shift, permanent operation. „UNTHA has always striven to offer customers individual, high-quality solutions. Over 35 years, we have also learned to tackle even the most complex applications, and the RS series often comes in handy thanks to its outstanding reliability“, says Anton Unterwurzacher, founder of UNTHA. to join their successful team. Today, UNTHA has sold thousands of RS units that are used successfully on a global scale. Numerous international clients such as VW, BMW, BASF, Canon, Coca Cola, MC Donald‘s, Sony, P+G, Sappi and Swarovski vouchsafe for this unique technology. > To perform assembly and commissioning tasks The success story of the UNTHA rotary shears began to take off 35 years ago. In early 1981, Anton Unterwurzacher, founder of UNTHA, set out to design a machine that would shred wooden crates and cardboard, following an inquiry by a SPAR supermarket branch manager. Anton Unterwurzacher, the pioneer of shredding technology, then proceeded to construct the first four-shaft system worldwide that came with a screen and was granted the patent for his invention in 1983. What gave his unit a revolutionary edge compared to traditional shredding solutions was that it was able to perform pre- and post-shredding in just a single operation cycle. This ground-breaking system was soon produced in series and marketed under the type designation RS30. Today, the so-called „RS class“ consists of more than 20 different types, most of them designed to shred metal, electronic scrap, files and data, hazardous substances, paper, cardboard, plastics and tires. The machines are continuously refined and can be operated as stand-alone solutions or integrated in complex facilities, where they are popular due to their compact design. ROLES: > To perform service and repair works independently > To perform fault analyses and fault repairs > To document service and repair calls > To deliver technical support and customer training QUALIFICATIONS: > Completed training as machine fitter, mechanic, mechatronics engineer ... > Several years‘ experience in external customer service > Conscientious, independent work approach > Basic IT and English skills > Willingness to travel > Driving licence > Welding skills are an advantage

04 UNTHA NEWS • The reliable brand! New in the portfolio: Compact and cost-efficient system solutions for single-step waste Pocessing In addition to its versatile portfolio of shredding machines for waste and waste wood reprocessing, UNTHA has also been offering complete solutions that perfectly fit the individual units since 2014. straightforward and cost-efficient fashion. We have come up with a compact system that is perfectly in tune with this requirement profile and that constitutes a hassle-free turnkey solution for UNTHA customers.“ Peter Streinik, Head of the waste business segment, sheds light on the motivation behind this decision: „The market for large, powerful complete systems for the recovery of high-grade fuel for main burners is covered by renowned plant construction companies that we have been working with as a reliable supplier of shredding solutions for many years. However, the technology required by such plants is highly complex and often associated with enormous investments. For recovering fuels for calcinator or fluidised-bed combustion systems, such a complex recovery facility is not required. For all these customers, the XR series constitutes an ideal choice as it is able to process a range of different materials in a single-step process, in a UNTHA also offers a high-grade discharge feed system for the XR series, complete with a magnetic belt separator and the steel construction system that goes with it. The control technology is installed in a handy control cabinet room where components are perfectly safe from dust, thus enabling a speedy commissioning process. In addition, UNTHA also supplies complete fire extinguishing systems that are fully attuned to the overall plant set-up and are becoming increasingly popular with customers. „Although slow-running units such as the XR series significantly reduce the fire hazard associated with shredding processes, it still makes sense to equip the unit with highly sensitive UV/IR sensors and/or a connected water spray system to increase safety for the machine, the plant and the entire building”, says Peter Streinik. Complete plant with a XR2000C. Plug. Shred. Move. The new XR mobil-e Spurred on by the excellent sales figures of the XR series since it was first launched in 2014, UNTHA is now also setting new standards in the world of mobile shredding technology with the new XR mobil-e. The XR mobil-e combines the benefits of an electromechanical stationary unit with those of a mobile shredding solution, without having to put up with the disadvantages of a mobile, diesel-powered shredder. The unit runs on electricity from the mains supply, while a reliable crawler-type undercarriage, in combination with a small petrol-powered engine, ensures the required level of mobility for the XR mobil-e. Christian Lanner, Technical Director of the waste business segment, summarises the benefits of this innovative shredding solution: „The XR mobil-e stands for highly cost-efficient, low-emission waste and waste wood recovery. With a high throughput rate, excellent foreign object protection and an outstandingly energy-efficient drive concept on the basis of the tried-and-tested UNTHA Eco Drive, the XR mobil-e constitutes a truly cost-efficient shredding solution. But that is not all: Thanks to the UNTHA Eco Drive, the XR mobil-e also provides a maintenance-free drive concept – a major advantage compared to conventional drive concepts used in mobile, diesel-powered shredders. The benefits of the XR mobil-e really come into their own in environments where different material flows are processed at different locations within a single site. For waste wood processing, for instance, this means that different material grades may be processed at different locations. The XR series is a slow-running, single-shaft shredder, extremely flexible and designed for universal use, and may therefore also be used for the shredding of other material flows. For operators, this means that the unit‘s period of use may be significantly prolonged as it may also be utilised for the processing of industrial and commercial waste, bulky waste or production materials whenever the machine is not used to full capacity with waste wood alone. Christian Lanner lists some more benefits offered by the XR mobil-e: „The trend towards increasingly stringent legal stipulations and regulatory requirements that has been noticeable for a while is also affecting the waste disposal industry. With minimal noise emissions of just 80 dB(A) during shredding operations, extremely low dust production and non-existent emissions, the XR mobil-e stays abreast of this development. This not only creates economic advantages, but also benefits your employees, your neighbours and the environment as a whole. Peter Streinik, Head of the business unit waste, sums up the first market reactions as follows: „We are extremely happy with the results. We had our first reference customer just a few weeks after the product had been launched, and many other projects have reached the final negotiation phase.” UNTHA is exhibiting two XR mobil-e units in the Munich area during this period: one machine will be shown at the UNTHA trade fair stand, where, from 31/05 until 02/06/2016, visitors twice a day have the opportunity to see for themselves the benefits offered by the unit. Meeting point is the UNTHA trade fair stand at 10 am and 2 pm. Please register in advance. XR mobil-e at the UNTHA test center.

UNTHA NEWS • 05 The reliable brand! The XR mobil-e is touring Europe In the autumn of 2015, UNTHA began to offer customers the option of testing the XR series on location for several days and on a non-binding basis. Christoph Lahnsteiner, Product Manager of the business unit waste, explains how customers benefit from this offer: „Before committing to such a large-scale investment, many of our customers would like the opportunity of seeing for themselves what a shredder is capable of, using their own material, fleet and staff. Especially because shredding tasks are often highly specific, it is important for plant operators to ascertain that the unit will be able to fulfil the requirements of the plant and comply with the statements of the manufacturer. After a continuous test that runs over several days, customers know exactly what the XR unit can do and can therefore base their purchasing decision on concrete, unbiased data.“ What makes this demo unit unique is that, although it is a mobile machine, the entire drive and shredding con- XR mobil-e – how to conquer the waste disposal market with a new concept Product innovations usually create new advantages for the market, but also harbour risks when it comes to communication – in particular if the unit in question requires a great deal of explanation and instruction. In addition to exciting technological functions, products like the mobile XR mobil-e waste shredder also offer benefits on an operational level. This video only takes two minutes to answer questions that would require a lot more time if answered face to face. Enjoy the clip! cept of the XR mobil-e is identical to that of the stationary model of the XR series. This means that customers who are interested in a stationary unit are also able to fall back on this un-complicated test version and apply the test results to the stationary version on a 1:1 basis. units at their disposal that will enable them to explore benefits of the XR series on their own premises before committing to a purchasing decision. All those interested are welcome to learn more about this opportunity from our testing specialists at the IFAT.“ UNTHA will adjust the XR mobil-e to perfectly fit the customer‘s requirement profile. As the entire testing process is supervised by an UNTHA specialist on location, the optimal set-up of the unit is guaranteed. In addition to customer-specific demos, UNTHA is also planning several road shows in the German-speaking world over the coming months, giving potential customers the opportunity to see the XR series in action. The tour of Austria will kick off in June 2016 – for detailed information on places and times, please refer to the UNTHA homepage or ask at the UNTHA trade fair stand. Christoph Lahnsteiner is overwhelmed by the resoundingly positive echo to this new testing opportunity: „The interest in test runs on location shows no signs of abating and has by far exceeded our expectations. Within this comparatively short period of time, nearly 20 companies in six countries have utilised this option and seen for themselves the advantages offered by the XR series. Interested customers all over Europe now have several demo More room for reliability In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend in the shredding industry towards ever-higher throughput rates. As a consequence, shredders are becoming steadily larger and more solid. To keep abreast of this development, UNTHA started diversifying with bigger-size units several years ago. In order to have the required surface space at their disposal, the production site at Kuchl near Salzburg had to be enlarged. Following this extension of UNTHAs premises and targeted investments in their production facilities, the sky is now the limit when it comes to size and design of future structural components! block paving. Communal areas were also extended and a new wood-chip heating system now heats the entire company premises. UNTHA uses their waste wood for energy production, thereby eliminating disposal costs and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels to an absolute minimum. The training workshop that covers an area of 300 m² provides all their present and future apprentices with the perfect environment to learn the trade of engineering technician. The expansion of the R&D Centre enables UNTHA to perform tests with customer-specific material to ensure optimal machine design. UNTHA Academy The UNTHA Academy is a training platform for sales partners, customers and employees, and ensures a sustainable transfer of knowledge. The Academy provides both individual training as well as modular development programs for all participants. The focus is on product and service knowledge transfer. The trainers are specialists from all company divisions with proven field expertise. Moreover, UNTHA also supports personal and technical skill development in its employees. Thanks to special ongoing internal and external education programs, UNTHA employees are always well-informed. In addition, the UNTHA competency training takes place every two weeks. Based on the motto „Shared knowledge is twice the knowledge“, experienced employees efficiently pass on their insight to colleagues. The results of all these efforts are remarkable: UNTHA has added a whopping 6000 m², thus almost doubling the existing production and office space. All their planning activities were aimed at optimising the material flow of the production and logistics units: For instance, two separate production lines with their own storage areas were installed, one for the RS series and one for the entire 1-shaft series, thereby optimising the material flow throughout. In addition, UNTHA has invested in a completely new coating line and a new welding department as well as purchased new, state-of-the-art CNC machines. In the production halls, they have added sky-lights to increase the amount of daylight in the workplace. Parts of the new halls were also furnished with wood- UNTHA is an environmentally aware company that strives for sustainability. Among their upcoming projects is the installation of a photovoltaic plant. 100 % of the environmentally friendly electricity produced by the plant will be fed into the own electric system. A charging station for electric vehicles to power the future electric company car is integrated in this system. Another project is the extension of the UNTHA service department. Approx. 50 % more surface area will provide ample space for the maintenance and repair of customer units. In addition, UNTHA will also create more warehouse space and invest in a state-of-the-art washing system.

06 TIP UNTHA NEWS • The reliable brand! How to get the most from your waste wood recycling facility Waste wood is a precious resource that is generated in large volumes and that may be used for either material or energy recovery, depending on its quality grade. Rising waste disposal costs, a growing awareness of environmental issues and more stringent legal requirements all contribute to the increasing importance of waste wood processing. With the XR series, UNTHA offers an innovative, economical single-step processing solution that is available as a stationary or mobile version, depending on the individual requirement profile. Christoph Lahnsteiner, Product Manager of the business unit waste, explains the benefits of waste wood processing using an XR shredder: „The shredders of our XR series are extremely dependable and rely on an efficient cutting system, slow-running rotor and high torque, a combination that yields a highly homogeneous granu- late and a throughput rate of up to 40 t/h. At the same time, fine production is extremely low with XR shredding operations. This means that you can increase your usable fraction by up to 20 % and significantly reduce your cost per tonne – also because, depending on the material specification, there may be no need for a downstream screening system.“ High energy efficiency, low operating costs and a high level of foreign object protection and process safety, paired with a high performance rating, are additional success factors of the UNTHA waste wood processing units. Christoph Lahnsteiner also points out the low-emission shredding process: „The shredding operations result in minimal noise and dust production. The noise level barely reaches 80 dB(A) – this not only benefits employees, neighbours and the environment, but also the operator: Given this extraordinarily low level of noise production, there is the option of extending the daily operating times of the unit.“ Hot off the press: The new UNTHA image brochure is out now! Following the relaunch of our website, our image brochure has also been given a makeover. On 20 pages, readers can learn more about the world of reliable shredding technology. The brochure is available directly at the trade fair stand or for download from the Infocenter at www.untha.com. Have fun reading! Thanks to its broad application range and high level of flexibility, the XR series is not just suitable for waste wood processing, but can also be used for the shredding of other material flows, which significantly increases its period of use and therefore also its cost-effectiveness. Use your time at the IFAT to find out more about the versatile shredding options presented by the XR series! Welt der en in der e Willkomm echnologi inerungst en Zerkle the world of Welcome to ng technology ddi shre e reliabl zuverlässig 01 A powerhouse for shredding aluminium Polish company Nicromet is a leading provider of cast alloys for aluminium foundries. For its production, the company relies primarily on high-grade scrap aluminium. To achieve an even higher product quality when processing scrap aluminium, Nicromet employs the largest, most powerful 4-shaft shredder made by UNTHA. As a material, aluminium may be reused an infinite number of times. Aluminium is lightweight, easy to process and extremely rigid, making it a popular industrial choice. Given the fact that aluminium production using scrap metal is cheaper and less energy-intensive, Nicromet uses mostly secondary aluminium. To ensure a higher quality of its aluminium alloys in future, the secondary aluminium will be shredded prior to being smelted and foreign metals will be removed. shafts facilitates the feeding process and provides an excellent shredding result. The pre-sorted and partially also pre-shredded aluminium is fed into the hopper using a grabber and is shredded down to a size of 100 mm, with throughput rates of up to 6 t/h. After the shredding process, the material is removed with a discharge conveyor and an overbelt magnet removes the foreign metals. When choosing the right shredder for the job, the company opted for UNTHA‘s most powerful 4-shaft shredder: the RS150. The unit is equipped with the 4 x 78 kW UNTHA Eco Drive, making it ideally suited for the shredding of metal. A frequency converter ensures optimal throughput rates and a high torque, combined with low energy consumption. The low rotational speed of the four cutting A real eye-catcher the new UNTHA website Up-to-date, user-friendly, informative: The new UNTHA shredding technology web platform went live earlier this year and its intuitive menu navigation, clear page structure and new design speak for themselves. Special attention was given to improving user-friendliness and simplifying the menu navigation. The product filter helps users locate the right units for their individual area of application in a speedy and straightforward fashion. All relevant information is now presented even more efficiently using images and videos. The visual presentation of the website was also given an overhaul and brought in line with the latest technology. Using responsive design, the website can also be accessed using mobile end devices such as Smartphones or tablets. Why not see for yourself – visit the new website at www.untha.com! A pusher device supports the shredding process for bulky feed material. The automated central lubrication unit ensures that the most important lube points are taken care of on an ongoing basis, thereby significantly reducing maintenance efforts. With this shredding solution provided by UNTHA, Nicromet will be able to increase the purity of its secondary aluminium as well as increase its revenue by selling the sorted metals separately.

UNTHA NEWS • The reliable brand! 07 2015: A successful year for the business unit waste 2015 was a highly successful year for UNTHA, with an unprecedented number of projects being generated for the business unit waste. Peter Streinik, Head of the waste business segment, is proud of the great number of implemented projects: „With the market launch of the XR series in 2014, we were able to claim our stable position as a renowned provider of premium shredders. Over the last 18 months, we have convinced customers in more than 15 countries that UNTHA offers the best and most reliable solution for shredding tasks, and I am also pleased to report that we were able to further consolidate our long-standing partnerships with prominent plant construction companies.“ Is there a project that stands out for Peter Streinik? „It goes without saying that each individual project makes for a great reference. However, I am particularly proud of the fact that we were able to gain a lasting foothold in Asia, with the realisation of several reference units in South Korea and Vietnam. This important growth region will remain enormously important for us in future, which is why the expansion of our distribution partnership network in a range of Asian countries will remain a key priority for 2016.“ The wide range of facilities realised in 2015 reflects the broad application spectrum and versatility of the XR and TR series. They reach from compact, cost-efficient system solutions for the single-phase production of calcine fuel all the way to highly complex, extremely powerful recovery plants for the production of high-grade fuel for main burners. For the most part, UNTHA shredders process household, industrial and commercial waste as well as bulky and production waste into high-grade recovered fuel for the cement industry, but increasingly also for fluidised-bed combustion systems in RDF plants. Christian Lanner, Technical Director of the waste business segment, is more than satisfied with the plants that were commissioned in recent months: „In 2015 alone, we were able to successfully commission a wide range of additional units in the XR and TR series. Our customers – who are often UNTHA pilot customers in their respective countries – are enthusiastic about the shredding performance, but also about the extremely high level of availability of our units. Many of the plants we installed over recent months achieve a significantly higher throughput rate than the customer expected, while using less energy at the same time. This fact underlines the incredible performance and cost-effectiveness of UNTHA shredding units.“ When asked about the greatest challenge for 2015, Christian Lanner replies: „The most challenging project by far was the one for Holcim Vietnam, where rubber, textile, Goretex and leather waste from shoe production are processed into high-grade recovered fuel in a singlestep shredding process. To be honest, when I first saw pictures of this material, I was sceptical about whether we would be able to solve this particular shredding issue, despite my many years‘ experience with shredding technol- ogy. Following a series of tests performed at UNTHA, we finally came up with the perfectly tuned machine in cooperation with the customer. Since September 2015, an XR3000C has been shredding nearly 200 tonnes of this incredibly difficult material – reliably and steadily, day after day, in a three-shift operation. With this recovery line, Holcim Vietnam was able to increase its substitution rate of conventional fuels to the highest rate in the company‘s history.“   2016 has also started exceedingly well for the business unit waste: „We were able to recruit the first reference clients for the revolutionary XR mobil-e. And we are particularly proud of the unit for Lober Entsorgung GmbH in Bavaria, which opted for an XR3000C unit after a 6-month trial run in April 2016, shredding a wide range of industrial and commercial waste. We are confident that the benefits this unit offers – a highly efficient drive system, paired with a high level of foreign object protection, exceedingly low maintenance efforts and minimal noise and dust production – will convince many more potential clients here at the IFAT of the desirability of the XR series“, Peter Streinik concludes. UNTHA offers complete solution for the destruction of hazardous waste In December 2015, Slovenian company Kemis d.o.o opted for a customised, complete solution from UNTHA. The company now employs a powerful RS100 4-shaft shredder with integrated pusher and discharge conveyor for the destruction and shredding of hazardous waste. Kemis d.o.o. is a local waste disposal firm that has specialised in the disposal of hazardous waste, ranging from liquids to solid materials such as workshop waste. Another core competence of the waste disposal firm is professional product destruction, for instance of products that are past their sell-by date, full IBC containers or packaged medication. As the feed opening of the company‘s previous 2-shaft unit had been too small and the machine had yielded a highly inhomogeneous granulate, it was decided to replace it with a new unit. The decision was taken in favour of the robust, tried-and-tested RS100 4-shaft shredder with integrated pusher, central lubrication system and discharge conveyor belt. Following extensive tests at the UNTHA testing facility, an ongoing basis, thereby significantly reducing mainteit soon emerged that the RS100 would be the perfect nance efforts on the part of the company. The integrated shredder to handle the different feed materials. An addi- quick-change screen system makes it easy to exchange tional pusher makes sure that even large-size items such the screen, should the operator wish for a different granas barrels or IBC containers are gripped and shredded ulate size. efficiently by the cutting unit. The automated central lubrication unit ensures that the most important „The unit has been running constantly and reliably since lube points are taken care of on its installation. We are particularly impressed by the wide range of materials that we are able to process with this unit and by the high throughput rates!”, says Emil Nanut, Managing Director at Kemis. The material is fed into the hopper of the shredder by a forklift truck and the shredded output is transported to a container by the discharge conveyor belt. Thanks to the homogeneous size of the granulate, customers receive a higher bulk density, thereby reducing the number of disposal trips per week, which in turn reduces costs. < RS100 with integrated pusher and discharge conveyor.

08 UNTHA NEWS • The reliable brand! The reliable brand! Ever since it was first founded back in 1970, UNTHA has been true to its brand promise of being the „reliable brand“. What we mean by that is that UNTHA is committed to being more reliable than its competitors, and this applies to all UNTHA products and services. For customers, this means that they may be certain at all times that they have taken the right decision in choosing UNTHA. By choosing UNTHA shredding solutions, customers are protecting precious raw material resources, processing large amounts of waste and reclaiming valuable energy. UNTHA thereby makes an important contribution towards protecting our environment in a sustainable manner. UNTHA fields of expertise Waste wood processing Material recycling File, document and material destruction Production of substitute fuels Recycling of waste wood from production waste Recycling of materials from waste Shredding of files, data and materials Processing waste into a high calorific fraction (chipboard, veneers, MDF board, solid wood, cap pieces, bark, pallets …) (plastics, packaging, paper, metals, electronic scrap, production waste, tires ...) (files, CDs, DVDs, banknotes, hard drives, confiscated goods, prototypes, products, problematic materials …) (domestic waste, bulky waste, industrial and commercial waste …) Waste processing Mechanical-biological (MBA) treatment of waste materials (domestic waste, bulky waste, industrial and commercial waste …) Waste wood processing Special applications Treatment of waste wood (waste wood, construction timber, demolition waste wood, sleepers, rootstock, driftwood ... ) Shredding solutions for special applications (medical waste, hazardous waste, batteries, biological waste, tires, pulper ropes, rejects ... ) Whether commercial enterprises, industrial companies or collectives – thousands of customers worldwide from a wide range of sectors put their faith in the reliable brand that is UNTHA. Fairs & Events UNTHA shredding technology will be attending the most important national and international fairs and symposia and is looking forward to seeing you there! VOEB Tagung 09.06. - 11.06.2016 Velden Internationale Holzmesse 01.09. - 04.09.2016 Klagenfurt Metal 20.09. - 22.09.2016 Kielce POL-ECO-SYSTEM 11.10. - 14.10.2016 Poznan Green Expo Mexiko 26.10. - 28.10.2016 WTC, Mexico City Energy Decentral / Biogas Convention 15.11. - 18.11.2016 Hanover FachPack 2016 27.09. - 29.09.2016 Nuremberg K Messe 19.10. - 26.10.2016 Düsseldorf Eco Expo Asia 26.10. – 29.10.2016 Hongkong, China Pollutec 29.11. - 02.12.2016 Lyon