RELIABILITY THROUGHOUT THE LIFETIME OF YOUR UNIT For UNTHA, reliable customer support is a key priority, right from the word go. With UNTHA Lifetime Support, we are taking our idea of customer support one step further. All UNTHA customers may now count on uncompromising support and assistance throughout the lifetime of their machine, making sure that UNTHA machines do exactly what they are meant to do – shred reliably. UNTHA LIFETIME SUPPORT PRODUCT SERVICE > Professional commissioning > Worldwide servicing network > 100 % original UNTHA parts > Regular inspection and > Competent advice > Prompt delivery > Short reaction times > Lifelong spare parts availability > Comprehensive training > Wear costs optimisation maintenance > Quick fault detection > Performance-enhancing optimisation and improvement > Speedy repair and maintenance programmes > Lucrative added-value programmes (UNTHA Carefree Packages) 28 SPARE AND WEAR PARTS > Efficient order processing