the reliable alternative to failure-prone 1-shaft shredding systems WHEN OTHER SHREDDING SYSTEMS FAIL! The reliable and very robust UNTHA four-shaft shredders have proven themselves over decades and were developed specifically for a wide range of applications for documents and data destruction. The machines can be operated as a stand-alone solution or integrated into comprehensive plants, where they are often a favorite choice because of their compact design. % 100 al gin Ori 4- THA ogy UN nol tech ft sha High availability and process security, functional design and unique productivity are the hallmarks of these machines. quality feature benefit Slow-running cutting system > high resistance against non-shreddable items and long service life of the machine > low dust generation and vibrations > risk of fire nearly excluded Low-wear cutting system > very high life-expectancy, up to 11,000 operating hours > low maintenance requirements > high availability Simple and compact design No hydraulics required > easy integration into a plant > low maintenance costs > little space requirements > high resistance against failures > highly reduced maintenance expenditures > reduced energy consumption 5