Reliability for many years UNTHA data destructors are comparable to the red piranha. This fish has a terrible reputation as a brutal killer and remorseless killing machine that relentlessly attacks all living beings that cross its path. UNTHA data destructors also mercilessly and uncompromisinly destroy all documents and data which need to be disposed off in a reliable, quick and thorough manner. Moreover, the robust machine design in combination with highly efficient cutting systems ensures maximum reliability. All UNTHA data destructors are DIN 66399-certified, and our customers thus have the unrestricted assurance that the required security classifications are met to 100%. Security classifications, security levels and data carriers pursuant to DIN 66399 2 Security classification 1 Security classification 2 Security classification 3 Regular security requirements for internal data Regular security requirements for confidential data Very high security requirements for particularly confidential and secret data Security level 1 General data and data carriers Security level 2 Internal data Security level 3 Sensitive, confidential and personal data Security level 4 Particularly sensitive data Security level 5 Secret data Security level 6 Secret data subject to extraordinary security standards Security level 7 Top secret high-security data P Information representation in original size O Information representation on optical data carriers H Information representation on hard drives with magnetic data carriers F Information representation reduced in size T Information representation on magnetic data carriers E Information representation on electronic data carriers