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Reliability for many years UNTHA data destructors are comparable to the red piranha. This fish has a terrible reputation as a brutal killer and remorseless killing machine that relentlessly attacks all living beings that cross its path. UNTHA data destructors also mercilessly and uncompromisinly destroy all documents and data which need to be disposed off in a reliable, quick and thorough manner. Moreover, the robust machine design in combination with highly efficient cutting systems ensures maximum reliability. All UNTHA data destructors are DIN 66399-certified, and our customers thus have the unrestricted assurance that the required security classifications are met to 100%. Security classifications, security levels and data carriers pursuant to DIN 66399 2 Security classification 1 Security classification 2 Security classification 3 Regular security requirements for internal data Regular security requirements for confidential data Very high security requirements for particularly confidential and secret data Security level 1 General data and data carriers Security level 2 Internal data Security level 3 Sensitive, confidential and personal data Security level 4 Particularly sensitive data Security level 5 Secret data Security level 6 Secret data subject to extraordinary security standards Security level 7 Top secret high-security data P Information representation in original size O Information representation on optical data carriers H Information representation on hard drives with magnetic data carriers F Information representation reduced in size T Information representation on magnetic data carriers E Information representation on electronic data carriers

For every requirement the right solution rs30 rs50 rs40 4-shaft shredding system 4-shaft shredding system rs 60 4-shaft shredding system rs100 4-shaft shredding system 4-shaft shredding system typ Unit RS30 RS40 RS50 RS60 RS100 Drive power kW 22 30/37/44 60 74/90 110/150 Throughput kg/h up to 500 up to 2.000 up to 3.000 up to 5.000 up to 8.000 Cutting system opening mm 450 x 560 750 x 700/960 x 700 1.250 x 700 1.200 x 700 1.200/1.500 x 1.020 kg 1.100 1.700–2.400 3.600 6.000 9.000–10.000 technical data Weight *) Indicated throughput values are guide values only. These depend on the condition of the infeed material, the cutting unit configuration, the screen size, the machine configuration, etc. 3

a thousandfold proven Untha 4-shaft technology After the material to be shredded has been drawn into the main cutters 1 , it is both pre-shredded and re-shredded in a single pass. Material that does not fall through the screen 2 is transferred to the secondary cutters 3 and moved back up and fed back into the cutting chamber for re-shredding. The screen determines the size of the final fraction. H T O E P F 3 2 4 1 3

the reliable alternative to failure-prone 1-shaft shredding systems WHEN OTHER SHREDDING SYSTEMS FAIL! The reliable and very robust UNTHA four-shaft shredders have proven themselves over decades and were developed specifically for a wide range of applications for documents and data destruction. The machines can be operated as a stand-alone solution or integrated into comprehensive plants, where they are often a favorite choice because of their compact design. % 100 al gin Ori 4- THA ogy UN nol tech ft sha High availability and process security, functional design and unique productivity are the hallmarks of these machines. quality feature benefit Slow-running cutting system > high resistance against non-shreddable items and long service life of the machine > low dust generation and vibrations > risk of fire nearly excluded Low-wear cutting system > very high life-expectancy, up to 11,000 operating hours > low maintenance requirements > high availability Simple and compact design No hydraulics required > easy integration into a plant > low maintenance costs > little space requirements > high resistance against failures > highly reduced maintenance expenditures > reduced energy consumption 5


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OUR MISSION We have been a reliable and expert partner in the shredding industry for more than 40 years. Based on the latest technologies and with the help of our highly qualified staff, we develop and produce innovative and tailored shredding solutions for all applications. Our every thought and action revolve around our customers and markets. We provide outstanding products and services of the highest quality and reliability and are therefore able to strengthen our customers’ market position. For us, reliability, credibility and a sound approach to business in both practice and theory are the central values that make our success in international markets possible. These values increase our competitiveness and help us to focus on our core competences and on the ongoing improvement of our business processes. The prerequisites for our success are innovative strength, problem-solving skills and our distinctive quality thinking. 10

THE FACTS SPEAK IN OUR FAVOUR Inventor of the patented UNTHA Certified quality 4-shaft cutting UNTHA quality certificate system Development and manufacture of bespoke shredding Over 80 % solutions Over 9,000 More than 40 years of experience of all components manufactured in-house and know-how in 9,000 m² of shredding technology production space shredders worldwide in daily operation 150 highly The reliable brand qualified and motivated Established in 1970 After Sales Service Comprehensive and fast customer support worldwide 1-, 2- and 4-shaft shredding employees systems Distribution to over 40 countries worldwide Independent subsidiaries in Germany, the US, UNTHA Academy UK and Poland Two test and Training centre for employees demonstration centres and distribution partners for customers 11

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