“The main reason for buying UNTHA was their new XR3000. This slow speed shredder is simple to operate and does not need the pre-shredding that is required for high speed SRF shredders on the market. With the XR3000 we can make SRF to below 40mm particle size with no post shredder screening. This allows us to make SRF on a limited capital budget compared to other SRF plants. We chose UTNHA because they have a good reputation in the SRF shredder market in Ireland. They had sold many shredders in Ireland to other companies requiring high output. These companies were happy with the machines and we therefore decided to contact UNTHA. We know that they are willing to listen to the customer. They use the feedback from the customer wisely to enhance the operating performance of the machine. They are not afraid to make changes to the machine to suit the specific requirements of the customer. We do not believe other shredder companies would be so flexible.” Mark Duffy (General Manager) 7