“Based on evaluation of many different parameters like energy consumption, shredding capacity, power connection and maintainability UNTHA´s technology was best scored and chosen for this plant application. Also feedback and experience from our previous project from UNTHA´s machines has been excellent in operation and project execution point of view. Therefore it was quite easy to make decision and choose UNTHA.” Olli Ryymin (Project Manager) Country: Finland Inputmaterial pre-shredders: MSW Inputmaterial post-shredders: Pre-shredded and screened MSW Throughput pre-shredders: Throughput post-shredders: Scope of delivery: 2 x 16,5 t/h < 80 mm 2 x XR3000R with frequency inverter 56 2 x 41 t/h < 110 mm 2 x XR3000C with frequency inverter