„We chose UNTHA after being 100% positively impressed by both the company itself and its machines. We’ve been visiting first the headquarters in Austria and then a reference plant in the UK. Here we seen with our own eyes that good theories were actually turning in even better reality. In our plant we are processing plastics and light fraction from HHW. We first bought the TR2500, because it allows us to get to a fine grain size in one single process. Then, on the following year, we bought a XR2000S-220, thanks to its screen bars, the achieved grain is also suitable for fluidized bed furnaces. We work 8 hours per day and we reach a 10 tons/ hour capacity with the TR and 15 tons/hour with the XR. Without any particular inconvenience, simply following the ordinary service guidelines mentioned in the manuals. …Both of the machines do actually meet in total our requirements.“ Giuseppe Esposito (Plant Manager) 54