„We are operating three XR2000S shredders for post processing of RDF. In week 15/2014 we treated 1.000.000 t of material, which means that the shredders have processed about 300.000 t RDF at this time. This smaller amount caused by using upstream flat-screens. Since their start-up each shredder has been in operation for over 30.000 hrs. without any major failures or stoppages. Maintenance work on the shredders will be done every two weeks. Once a year a revision is carried out in cooperation with Untha. Since we have been using screens instead of screen bars the quality of the processed RDF has improved to such an extent that disturbances at our downstream equipment which are caused by RDF that has not been shredded sufficiently, are very rare. Finally we can say that the machines have been operating very well in our entire production process also in regards to operational wear and maintenance efforts.“ Uwe Sachs (Technical Manager) 33