Dear reader, With more than 40 years shredding experience, we could talk for hours about the projects that UNTHA has tackled since the business was first established. But some of our most exciting achievements have actually occurred in the past 18 months alone. It is during this time that our reputation for manufacturing best-in-class waste to energy systems has really grown. We have now sold the iconic XR waste shredder to dozens of clients worldwide, in countries including Austria, Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Portugal, Mexico, the USA, South Korea and Vietnam. These projects see the XR – renowned as one of the most flexible waste shredders on the market – processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Commercial & Industrial waste, production waste, bulky waste, wood and pulper ropes, to name just a few applications. In some instances the technology is acting as a robust pre shredder, whereas on other sites it provides a single-step shredding solution for alternative fuel production, e.g. biomass, RDF or SRF. however complex. We can even supply auxiliary equipment such as conveyors, over-belt magnets, fire suppression technology and eddy current separators, to give our customers a turnkey package from one trusted supplier. As you can see, it’s been a very exciting time in our business unit. And, with so much to talk about, it’s hard to condense everything into one publication. However, we’ve chosen a selection of interesting highlights that hopefully indicate just what our waste shredding solutions are capable of. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Enjoy reading! At the same time, our TR secondary shredder has continued to provide the answer to particularly challenging waste management scenarios in all corners of the globe. With the pioneering Eco-Drive concept, this technology is as well known for its energy efficiency and environmental robustness, as it is its performance. The versatility of these machines is all part of UNTHA’s commitment to wholly satisfy clients‘ WtE requirements, Christian Lanner Peter Streinik Head of Business Unit Waste Christian Lanner Technical Director Business Unit Waste 3