, TVS had encountered prob- d non-shreddable items in the ocking the conveyor system to ore decided to install a UNTHA in daily operation since the g the UNTHA XR2000S was to e even with worn cutting tools. mpressed us with a through- . Since using the XR2000S the ystem to the enclosed kiln has hus a considerable increase in cy was possible.“ er) „The UNTHA shredder XR2000S-180 has been in daily operation since its commissioning in 2015. The main reason for buying the UNTHA shredder XR2000S was to be able to reach a defined fraction size even with worn cutting tools. Furthermore the shredder impressed us with a tested throughput of more than 30 t /h and this same result was also reached during regular operation. This allowed us to increase our plant‘s productivity and at the same time to minimise downtimes of delivery vehicles.“ Heiko Schmidt (Deputy CEO) 29