UNTHA QUALITY MANAGEMENT Controlled processes for best products Our QM system in action Our quality management system was de- We determine the specifications early on in the development phase and strictly veloped based on the requirements of DIN adhere to them in the following processes. Our procurement team uses these EN ISO 9001:2008. In order to achieve specifications to define the procurement characteristics which we then test dur- our highest goal, namely 100 % customer ing the goods receipt process. Systematic control is ensured in the subsequent satisfaction, we made sure our QM system test schedule, which starts during the production process and also includes the includes firmly established continuous mon- purchased parts during the goods receipt process. itoring and continual improvement of products and services. During the assembly phase, we document all quality-relevant data in the inspection logs for every individual machine order. We ensure remedy of potential de- Our quality management manual is the fects via a sophisticated complaints management process. This process involves central component of our entire quality doc- conducting weekly meetings with the respectively responsible departments. umentation. It is the most important instrument for implementing and maintaining the quality management system and it refers to valid processes as well as to process and work instructions.